Dream and Intention

Created with Nokia Smart CamNot long ago, I sat with my writing partners amidst the tools of our intent and mugs of hot tea. Before we could gather the words, phrases, and imagery we would weave into the fabrics of our personal choosing, I asked a question all too common for me: “First, can I tell you a dream I had last night?” And they, as is their habit, indulged me. I then described a lush, temperate rainforest setting, thick with ancient trees and deep, moss carpeting. The details were so sharp in my memory — the scents, the sounds, the textures… They silently digested my tale, and then suggested I start a blog specifically to share my dreams.

Now, truly, my writing partners are two unusual women. They express actual interest in hearing the details of my nocturnal flights of fancy. Any of you who have ever wanted to share some fantastic dream with another have doubtless experienced the more typical reaction:  the eyes of your intended audience glaze over; suddenly any activity that would draw them legitimately away from their current environment becomes urgent — a trip to the recycling center, filling out tax forms, a project in the basement that has languished too long. I myself don’t understand how listening to someone’s dream can be considered  equivalent to visiting the dentist, but this is about the enthusiasm most can muster on the subject.

Nonetheless, after sitting with the idea, here I am, navigating terrain that for me is entirely new. The ironic bit is, since that night in the rainforest, I have not awakened with a single dream in-tact.  Each morning, I open my eyes and the tendrils of dream shift and part — stored neatly in a cupboard in my memory to which I have no key. One image I recently managed to retain:  that of an over-filled waffle iron, sizzling batter seeping slowly down the iron’s sides to puddle on the counter. Chocolate batter. I don’t think this counts, but I have since had a persistent and unaddressed urge for chocolate waffles. Maybe, I’ll share the rainforest dream that set me on this new path…  Another time…

4 thoughts on “Dream and Intention

  1. I love your creation, the weaving of art and writing and dream. I expect I will visit often, as one will a favorite garden spot, enjoying the warmth, indulging in beauty.

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