Lilac Memory — A Poem

The scent of lilac


drifts like distant bird song;

and I breathe in,Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 5.21.09 PM

step in —

barefooted and perfumed —

on another place and time

as easily as dream,

or memory.

A visitor, now, to that Spring night

when we turned our hands

and faces upward


the full-flower Moon.

4 thoughts on “Lilac Memory — A Poem

  1. Oh how strange, my visit to the garden this morning, the one thing I did was smell the lilac that is just about to bloom, it’s just beautiful, it’s a white lilac, seeing everything blossom in my garden for the first time is like Christmas as I never know what will appear next!

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    • Enjoy your white lilac! As I walk through our neighborhood, I walk through their scent, disturb the air a little, and carry them with me on my skin for a bit. Nothing else smells like lilac!


    • Thank you! (Confession — “Full Flower Moon” is one of names the full moon might bear when if falls within the month of May…I thought it worked better than “Full Corn Planting Moon” or “Milk Moon”…)


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