Paper Lanterns — A Truth

Mischief August grants a pleasant evening,

an offering of farmer’s market fare,

fruited wine and watermelon,

torches lit in semi-circle,

chairs arranged in arcs over Summer lawn,

from hours away and across the street,

friends and family gather,

hugs and greetings,


a small society builds,

community strengthens,

laughter and conversation as nightfall swells,

popcorn rattles and pings,

crickets sing from treetop vantage,

fireflies stitch the darkening perimeter,

voices hush,

black and white images confined to screen,

a sweet story,

gentle in humor,

an invitation to indulge kindness,

and above,

the paper lanterns,

moving, swaying

from the pine tree’s limbs

on invisible threads.

— C.Birde

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“Paper Lanterns” — C.Birde

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