Contentment — A Truth Poetic

Chipmunks share

the morning’s news in

ringing, staccato notes;

And Jays fall

from trees in

blue-blazed truth,

hunting among acorn-hued leaves

for those derbied nuts.

The Electron finds a

white-laced length of shed

snake skin,

too delicate to lift

with slender twig.

The light is diffuse, gentle.

The air is cool and sweet.

Absorb this

’til it imbues thought

and act

and gesture.

Carry it out and into

the World beyond these

wooded doors.

— C.Birde

InstagramCapture_fc2e01ea-c9ae-4fae-86c9-999dd7dc9897“Autumn Tourne”, C.Birde Oct. 2015

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