Abiding — A Poem

I walked, this morning, with Autumn,

Her chill hand in mine,

Her breath cool on my cheek.

She wore as mantle the muted blue sky

flocked with dove-gray cloud.

We marked our steps in asters,

goldenrod, and foamy white snakeroot.

“Fret not,” she said,

“over Winter’s approach.”

Her voice rustled in sunset hues.

“Heed the crickets’ chant —

“still time still time still time.

“Harvest the cooling air.

“Gather the stretched-long rays

“of enduring sun,

“And abide.”

In downward drift around us,

the cider leaves collected,

And all the forest


— C.Birde

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“October Tourne” — C.Birde, 10/14/15

2 thoughts on “Abiding — A Poem

  1. I love Autumn it’s a beautiful colourful time of the year
    the smell of autumn leaves,
    The trees you can feel them shiver as they lose their leaves
    As they rest before their next buds appear………..sigh

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