Invocation — A Poem

Let the leaves collect

at my feet

in their rustling,



May my skies froth

with rivers

of eddying,



Fill my cup with Autumn —

but allow

Spring to reside

in my heart;


in my bones.


Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“Autumn Leaves” — C.Birde, 10/27/15

4 thoughts on “Invocation — A Poem

  1. I love reading your words, it brings such a calm to my world ☺️
    My garden is slowly going to sleep, I’ve planted more spring bulbs, I’m really looking forward to seeing them but for now they are resting, Autumn is full of warmth in it own right even if it’s just those beautiful colours 🎃

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    • I often find the line of a song running through my head at this time of year — “Do not despair — Mother Nature simply rests, in sleep she has well earned…” It speaks of Autumn to me.

      Thank you for your constant, steady, unflagging support through all these years, despite all the miles. I’m glad if I can bring you a sense of calm. 🙂


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