Bloom in Winter — A Poem

Amnesiac Winter

paid a brief visit,


complaining of jet-stream detours,

converging pressures,


of invitations received late

and mislaid.


he wandered,

muttering a fog,

flinging fistfuls of hail

over greening lawns and

bruising the blooms

of pink-fringed trees

that had the nerve to flower

in his absence.

— C.Birde



“Early Bloom” — C.Birde, 12/15


4 thoughts on “Bloom in Winter — A Poem

    • I always feel that Winter is a necessary part of our landscape and history here — and part of my natural and necessary response is to complain of the cold and gray and difficulties with snow and sleet and such! I do worry about all the plants and creatures that our current bizarre weather fluctuations will effect. They are so much more in tune, than we are, and they suffer more immediately and directly. 😦


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