Leaving a Mark — A Dream

Surely, it would have been easier to enter the house from the ground floor, but then, she would have been aware that I was here. So, naturally, I’ve come in through a little door in the roof. Having gained entry to the attic, I can descend through the body of the house, undetected, at my leisure. Floor by floor, I creep through various rooms, sprinkling a trail of perfume as I go. The scent is woodsy and subtle, with hints of moss and musk — a favorite of mine. She’ll know I’ve visited, even though she won’t have seen me. My cleverness amuses me…

Until I realize the splashes of perfume I toss here and there — over pillow and bedspread, on couch and chair — exit the vial in thick wave of viscous blue. To my chagrin, I realize I’ve left an indelible, inky trail to mark my passage. My fingertips are stained, and the perfume bottle drips midnight behind me.

A clatter of noise echoes up from below as my friend moves busily about her kitchen. Feeling like a vandal, I edge down the stairs to the basement with my back pressed to the wall. I hope to leave unseen, but am not so fortunate — when I reach the finished basement, two men turn at my tread. They are middle aged, and one is my friend’s husband who greets me with cheery surprise. He offers me a drink, immediately includes me in the conversation. But I can’t stay, must leave. Crossing the room, I climb a chair situated against one wall and haul myself out a small window set high above it. Grass under my hands and knees as I duck the window’s low edge and escape into the night.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“Exit” — C.Birde, 1/16

7 thoughts on “Leaving a Mark — A Dream

      • The way you described yourself moving through the house reminded me of a raccoon. The image of you slipping through the small basement window reminds me of a raccoon. I don’t dream of raccoons, but I occasionally imagine women sneaking through windows like cat burglars.

        I suppose most if not all of us feel some discomfort and slip through dream scenarios to avoid too much attention. Those who thrive on attention probably have those dreams about being naked at the podium just like those who fear public speaking. I bet Kim Kardashian dreams of being a naked president giving speeches. 😛

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      • Ahhh! I understand now! 😉 And yes, I agree…so many of us are uncomfortable in the spotlight, while others might definitely benefit from a bit of the same. I wonder, given your final scenario, which category Ms. K. would feel herself to be in? I’ll readily admit to a degree of envy regarding those who can fully accept their gifts as well as their flaws and walk with a measure of assurance right through the proverbial Front Door. Myself — I look for the “servants'” entry, or the attic window, or the storm cellar doors… :p


      • You are rather poetic.

        I don’t often feel good going through the main entrance, either. I don’t like the idea of thieving too much, but I would be more comfortable sneaking toward the light from a vacant corridor.

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  1. No, don’t go………..😉 you’re very good at drawing yourself X and you write so well, every time I read your dreams I’m right there with you, you have such a talent, I am so honoured to know you personally, love you to bits X X X X X

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  2. Well, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to write and draw — because I really do enjoy it so much — and to have such support and encouragement. Thank you so much — you have always been there for me, through all this time. You are a true blessing, and I love you, too! 🙂


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