What’s In a Name? — A Dream

Reservoir Road rises steadily underfoot, spattered with shifting tree shadow. Gentle breeze; spill of late spring sunlight. Cool flesh, warming. We walk together, she and I, our strides matched, hearts’ beats echoing the hill’s slight incline. Conversation covers as much ground as our feet. I wave to a neighbor weeding her front garden; she returns my greeting, calling, “Hello, Charlie.” I smile and nod, accept the error. Charlie. Carol. Karen. My name eludes people’s grasps like sand, like quicksilver. Like a calm Spring day. The moment slips by, smooth as the swell of pavement beneath my feet. But I see, with a backward glance, that the woman has realized her mistake, is confused, embarrassed. Kara. Kristen. Connie. So hard to recall — my name…

Hello, My Name Is....jpg

“Hello, My Name Is…”


3 thoughts on “What’s In a Name? — A Dream

  1. That is a lovely name card. Did you make this one? I am terrible with names so I humbly accept reprimands. I also accept all variations of my real name, as it is a variation of a name anyway. It is good that people acknowledge your presence and greet you warmly. Best wishes. xo

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    • Thank you, yes, I did draw the paisley and name card…a little Staedtler sketch pen and colored pencil. A small sketch, but therapeutic! I think this dream speaks to the fact that I am most at ease in my own skin when with another I understand my relationship with, as well as to the fact that I often do not feel I am “heard” and to my general discomfort with asserting myself — unlike you, many do not/have not accepted reprimands. I suppose we are all works in progress! Thank you for your thoughtful comment and for visiting! Best wishes to you, as well.

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