Gray Notes — A Poem

Color of fog and feathers,

of cool appraisal and expressionless gaze;

of shadows and headstones

and earth’s exposed and tumbled bones.

Color of passionless judgment,

of days’ old snow;

a friend of long lost years ago.

Color of shingles and slates,

smoke and chimney swifts;

of the hammered plate of February sky

inverted, enveloping;

of hills obscured by atmosphere.

Color of heart’s silence,

and murmuring peal of bells.

Color of cats and coyotes

and the Moon’s waterless seas;

of oysters and bruises and memory;

of ghosts and half-truths,

Magic and melancholy.

The pencil’s path over paper,

building, constructing;

the smooth skins of beeches

and slender young maples.

Color of age and wisdom,

thin filaments threading honeyed hair.

Winter’s Monochrome,

composed in subtle notes

of Gray.

— C.Birde

Gray Winter Day.jpg

“Gray Day in Winter” — C.Birde, 2/16

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