Embrace — A Poem

Within Tree Womb.jpg

“From Within” — C.Birde, 3/16


Step within that ligneous womb;


the Tree’s embrace.

Press spine to sapwood,

cheek to curve of fibrous wall.

Close your eyes.


Within that smooth-edged concavity,

lend your heart,

the rapid patter of that bright muscle’s

beat —

so contrary to arboreal thrum

that has pulsed a


too low for human ears to hear,

more deliberate,

more at ease.

Emerge renewed with Sylvan tongue,

beneath a sky unfolding


–C.Birde, 3/16

Tree Womb detail.jpg

“Sycamore Womb” — C.Birde, 3/16



2 thoughts on “Embrace — A Poem

    • Thank you kindly — the tree itself inspired! A very, very old Sycamore, that I could not get arms around. Amazing that it seems so healthy despite its base being hollowed out enough that I could literally, and easily, step right inside it. Nature is as resilient as it is awesome!

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