Quietude — A Poem


in the woods today  —

but for vermillion rush of Maples’ budding,

and wind scraping Autumn from pale Beech leaves,

and reverberating chorus of Spring Peepers’ awakening,

and whisk of garter snake slipping past pond’s lips,

and chipmunk calling the season to order,

and rain of woodpecker’s laughter.

All quiet,

in the woods today —

but for my intruding step,



— C.Birde

Quiet Tourne Pond, March 2016.jpg

“Tourne Pond” — C.Birde, 3/16



4 thoughts on “Quietude — A Poem

  1. so much to enjoy in this poem. i re-read the poem aloud to hear the lovely music of the rhymes and rhythms. and i enjoy how the poem flips from “Quiet,” to describing some of the natural sounds — some mental gymnastics that help make the poem interesting.

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