Dog Tail — A Poem

There was a little dog

who had a curl of tail

right at the base of her spine.

And when she was bad

she was naughty as could be

But when she was good, she was just fine.


She enjoyed a good long walk —

up the mountain, round the block —

where’ere her pointed paws might wander.

And when she had found

some curiosity,

that curl of tail would still, that she might ponder.


All chores she would attend

in unrelenting fashion —

from window, porch and door and garden.

But come evening’s fall,

darkness pressed to every pane,

The nearest lap she’d seek to curl that tail in.



(With apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)


Josie Tail.jpg

“Dog Tail” — C.Birde



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