5 thoughts on “Sun Over Obelisk — An Image

  1. beautiful image! i know little about photography, but this one looks almost like a painting. btw, as you undoubtedly know, einstein provided support for your point about the duality of time, showing that time is, indeed, relative. your post makes me wonder if there is also poetic time. — michael

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  2. Thank you — moody, isn’t it? I once toted around the 35mm SLR and film canisters in amateur fashion, but I admit, I really like the ease and immediacy — and arguable limitations — of my Windows phone’s camera; it’s so light-weight, I can take it with me any where, and I must work within its particular constraints. But it really allows me to capture and frame my point of view nicely. I shot this one kneeling in the cemetery, pointing right at the sun (a “no-no” 😉 ) — and then “saturated” the colors with the phone’s camera tools.

    Though I believe Einstein’s theory of relativity, my poor little brain struggles with the concept — especially with the literal signs of time’s passage becoming increasingly more clear. I do love your thought that maybe there is also “poetic time”. If we pored over Al’s notes, he probably had indicated this as fact, also! 😉

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