The Wait — A Poem


“Limbs Weaving” — C.Birde, 5/16

It was not the answer

I expected when I asked,

“Will you walk with me and she?”

His answer — yes.

We followed that well-used trail

beneath the dripping canopy,

wound our footsteps

over root and stone and skeleton leaf,

while he spoke of things fantastical

and philosophical,

and I interrupted,

naming wildflowers and birdsong —

each admiring the other’s expertise.

(She, well, not a word did she speak.)

He remarked,

as we approached the divide

where the trail ducks

from tree-cover and breaks out

upon the marsh,

that he did not expect

to enjoy this quite so much,

that he had not at all in years past.

We stood a moment,

we three,

among the blown cattails,

listening to the chickadees

and the wind scrape

among greening reeds.

All we had ever had to do

was wait.

–C.Birde, 5/16


“Wildflower” — C.Birde, 5/16




4 thoughts on “The Wait — A Poem

  1. your narrative creates a drama. it provides just enough information to make the reader want to know what happens next, but also leaves out information. that keeps the reader intrigued. the last two lines give a strong closure.

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    • As aways, I am grateful for your generous comments and feedback. I work from such an intuitive place, that reading your response offers me clarity as to WHY I do what I do — similar to dream analysis. Thank you 🙂 Ad please forgive my delayed response — I’m experiencing a frustrating bout of tendonitis. ;(

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  2. it’s been a pleasure reading your work. i think i’ve enjoyed everything that you have posted since i first became aware of your blog. sorry to read about the tendonitis. i’m trying to imagine what it would be like to type while suffering from that problem. i hope that you get better soon.

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