Light-Strewn Path — A Poem

Humble path,

strewn with disks of light

that shift illumination


while overhead

a wind tangles in

trees’ limbs outstretched

with leaves gilt-edged in sun.

No hearts of stone here.

No clenched fists.

Human constructs,

stripped away —

those cramped and

too-small boxes,

all those restrictive,




there is just

wind and song;


and green-gold


— C.Birde, 6/16


WP_20160610_11_10_25_Smart (2).jpg

“Light-strewn Path” — C.Birde, 6/16


6 thoughts on “Light-Strewn Path — A Poem

  1. Thank you, Sanberdooboy. Much of my writing is to reassure myself that — though far too often, we continue to hurt each other — there is still much good and kindness and compassion and beauty in the world. If only we could shift our collective focus and magnify these positive aspects, maybe we could turn the tide. 🙂

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