The Lavender, Unadorned — A Poem

lavender small.jpg

“Lavender” — C.Birde, 6/16


not long ago,

the lavender hedge hummed

and trembled,

the foxgloves’ narrow,

yellow throats were lodged

with bees.

Silence, now.

Unadorned absence.

Where is the bee’s champion?

Their Rachel Carson?

When will we exchange

our short-sighted mantra

of “not-our-fault”

for “how-can-we-help”?


in so doing —

in helping these small,

industrious creatures —




— C.Birde, 6/16


“Lavender, Unadorned” — C.Birde, 6/16



2 thoughts on “The Lavender, Unadorned — A Poem

  1. compelling images woven into the first few lines, an important message toward the end. and then there are the lovely photos. “Where is the bee’s champion?” I think the answer is written after the end of your poem.

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