Tree Door — An Image

I followed that winged and scintillating procession through the wood,

WP_20160617_005 (2).jpg

“Tree Door” — C.Birde, 6/16,through the wood,

careful of my distance.

While I struggled

to keep my footsteps

to myself,

they seemed to

drift over the earth,


When I made my way

around that ancient


they had vanished

through a door

in its trunk.

Next Solstice, I will not lose them. I will follow to that other place.


— C.Birde, 6/16




6 thoughts on “Tree Door — An Image

  1. I find the fact that there are so many massive, old trees that manage to survive and persist and grow in spite of such hollowing-out fascinating, even admirable. The idea that these could be doors has always appealed to me. No Narnian closets for me — I’ll walk through trees. 😉

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