Devolution — A Dream

Slowly back away, out of the darkened house. Step carefully, toe-to-heel, toe-to-heel. Watch them skulk forward from the shadows. They advance with bellies low. Don’t break eye contact. Don’t trip as you move, don’t fall. They’ll pounce. They’ll tear and rend. They’re too far gone now — no calm words, no soft vocalizations will bring them back. They have devolved. No longer the sleek-coated creatures that, just yesterday, you ran your hands over, that lifted to receive your touch. They bristle. They hiss. Their ears and teeth and claws have elongated and begun to curl. Their jaws shift forward. Don’t look so closely. Don’t think about it. Ignore the rapid beat of your heart, the shallowness of your breath and sweat at your hairline. Continue your uncertain exit. Find the door at your back. Press into it. Feel the bite of wood, the chill handle beneath your groping hand. Hear the click of metal tongue, the creak and gasp of hinges. Back out — slowly, slowly — into the cool, heavy night. Quickly now, pull the door shut as they hurl themselves upon it. Hear them yowl and scream. Hear their talons gouge wood. Pause a moment to catch your breath, to collect yourself. You have escaped. Now, run.


“Devolution” — C.Birde, 6/16


6 thoughts on “Devolution — A Dream

  1. a nightmare. formerly benign creatures “devolving” into viciousness. the physical details of “Their ears and teeth and claws have elongated and begun to curl. Their jaws shift forward” make this quite intense.

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    • I’m only at the edges of understanding this dream…some thing or situation or relationship that once brought comfort is, in the dream, now a threat. Hmmmm… Maybe, sometimes, a dream is just a dream? 😉

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  2. i’m not sure. but by chance i just read a quote from a romanian living in england which she had felt was a tolerant society but after the brexit vote thought that “things completely changed.” it’s the fear of something familiar, benevolent, suddenly turning into a threat. your narrative expresses that kind of horror very well.

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