Wren’s Realm — A Poem

Little Wren

builds a nest

outside the window’s frame

within a house



beneath the sheltering



he stuffs it full,

a perfection

of twigs and sticks

collected and thrust

through a hole

cut just large enough

to permit his entry.

Bold creature,

far larger in spirit

than his diminutive frame


he sings the yard’s


claims it as his own

with staccato notes

hurled upon the air

in rapid punctuation.

Little king —

I am an earthbound peasant,

well pleased to occupy

the earth beneath

your aerial



— C.Birde, 7/17

Wren's House.jpg

“House Wren’s House” — C.Birde, 7/17


10 thoughts on “Wren’s Realm — A Poem

    • Thank you, Colleen — he’s such a busy little neighbor, with such a strong and beautiful voice! And, incidentally, he’s on his second nest…I’ll have to be patient to see if this one is as successful as the previous one 🙂


  1. i would like to have a book of yours so that i could open a page each day to be spiritually energized by your poetry and photos. do you think you can arrange that? this poem is an example of what i mean. i admire the creativity of “he sings the yard’s/ perimeter” and i enjoy the details about the nest-building.

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  2. Oh, thank you so much, Sanberdooboy — such kind encouragement is the best nourishment 🙂 I will never move mountains or part oceans or change the course of rivers, but I hope I can focus on and magnify the everyday small miracles that bind us together. Mother Teresa: “…do small things with great love.” If I ever get around to putting any sort of book into the real world, you’ll be among the first to know 🙂


    • Really, I promise, I’m working on it…but I’m so slow! I’m combing over the first one right now, trying to prep it for submission…I’ve gotten feedback on the second one, which gives me great guidance…so naturally, the one I’d most recently started is languishing! But I’ve definitely got my hands full 🙂


  3. Oh and I love your poem, you created a true image of one of my favourite birds, and how they go about their daily routine, busy little things they are so dainty. Love them 💚

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    • And thank you! 🙂 I fall in love completely with each little creature that visits our yard. Now, I just have to keep from frightening the bunny…! (He hides under the liriope in the back yard…I never see him till I’m upon him!)


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