Casual Gardening — A Poem

The benefits of casual gardening,

detailed in small passages –


Mystery squash,

casting tendrils toward the Burning bush,

abloom with ulterior motive.


The weed pail


before the work is done.


Rogue tomatoes,

erupting from loamy beds

and window baskets,

pushing aside rhubarb leaves.


Fireflies and ladybugs,

and slim-limbed mantises,

and beatific bees.


Queen Anne’s lace,

tatting the yard and

adorned in cabbage moths.


Patches of shade,

rotating about the house,

cool refuge from the sun’s eye.


Leeks’ heads

nodding heavy crowns;


twining and trumpeting


Lady’s thumbs,

tickling catmint;

Black eyed Susans

studying Swiss chard.


The small yard

taking shape under

Nature’s guiding hand.


Near-motionless rabbits

nibbling sweet clover;

quick chipmunks

excavating neat holes

beneath tonic lavender;

and everywhere,


the stir and song

of birds.


— C.Birde, 7/17



Squash among the tomatoes.jpg

“Squash Among the Tomatoes” — C.Birde, 7/16

9 thoughts on “Casual Gardening — A Poem

  1. i feel as if you guided me through the garden, pointing out all of the interesting plants and insects. it’s a refreshing walk that leaves a feeling of contentment, with just a touch of jealousy for not having written lines such as “slim-limbed mantises,/ and beatific bees”.

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    • Thank you, thank you — if you are not my biggest fan, you are arguably the most generous 🙂 I am pleased by your response, that you felt shepherded through the garden and introduced to some of its inhabitants. As always, I appreciate your kind words. 🙂

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    • You would not believe my tomato plants — completely bonkers! I put in five-foot stakes, and they have clambered all over the stakes and are lounging down their sides! And the butternut squash “volunteer” is like a giant squid — tentacles in all directions, 15 feet long!!!


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