Four Paws — A Poem

White Wood aster.jpg

“White Wood Aster” — C.Birde, 9/16


Four paws pause

on the mountain’s graveled flank —

she gathers news

from weed and shrub,

root and stone;

pulls me along.

No matter that I am

near senseless to all

she perceives –

I am content

to wait and contemplate

the weave of breeze

among branch and leaf

pressed to the breast

of gray-clad sky;

to gather for safe-keeping

the coruscating mantras

of crickets, birds and tree frogs

as wards against

future silence.

I am content

to admire those

steely wildflowers

that scatter fairy light

over the forest’s

parched floor

for as long

as I am permitted…

Until, urgently,

I am pulled

to move again —

rapidly and ever onward —

toward the next




–C.Birde, 9/16


Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“Four Paws” — C.Birde, 9/16

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