5 thoughts on “Autumn Rain — An Image

  1. the colors in the photograph are wonderful. that deep red! it’s interesting that autumn is seen as a respite from “hectic Summer.” but i think for many people autumn is their favorite season. we are hoping for a bit of rain tomorrow which might help quell some of the forest fires here in California. we desperately need the moisture.

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    • Thank you, and yes, I, too, love Autumn in all its colors and moods. 🙂 We, here in the northeast, have been suffering from too little rain, as well; no one has mentioned the official “D” word (drought), and it certainly doesn’t compare to California’s, but it is, nonetheless, unsettling. I don’t personally understand our collective obsession with “beautiful sunny days!”, as if rain were among those four-letter words we’re not supposed to utter beyond a close-knit circle of friends. I love rain. One of my favorite poems, by Beatrice Goldsmith, sums it up beautifully — do you know her? May I take up a great deal of space and place her poem here?

      Rain, by Beatrice Goldsmith

      Said Constance, with the rain deep in her hair
      “This is spring cider — and the wind and I
      Am drunk and crazy — oh my dear — ” her voice
      Was full of rain and laughter, and her eyes
      Were green and wild, “My dear
      I have known other kinds rain —
      Rain bouncing madly off my knees and toes
      Into a lake to break its top like glass —
      And then one day rain thin and good and gold
      With the sun out — and rain
      Upon a certain sultry night like steam
      That silvered all the grass and choked my throat —
      But this — ” her lashes, spangled black and wet,
      Shot up and made her eyes like mad green stars —
      “But this I tell you — ” and her hands were cupped
      Like small pale blossoms, petals spilling cold
      Withe wine, “It was for this
      The wind and I were waiting — we and spring.”

      I always need to catch my breath after reading that…!

      Thank you for indulging me this space to share 🙂

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