3 thoughts on “Autumn Door — An Image

  1. there is something mysterious about the poem, even though its “surface” is clear. “Autumn” is personified as a welcoming person. it’s as if the walker has been trying to avoid looking into those doorways and thresholds. it seems inevitable that the walker will end up in Autumns’ arms, but i couldn’t tell you why. i enjoy the mysteries and the craft in this poem that captures the elusive mood of autumn.

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  2. I find it fascinating that you got so much from so few words — and how accurate your interpretation is. I have, what many keep reminding me, a “milestone” birthday on the near horizon. I’m not one to typically dread the number attached to the event, and I have always enjoyed my birthday; but lately, with others holding such a magnifying glass to it and sharing, unintentionally, their own worries, I’ll admit, it has me a little unsettled. But, I suppose, if we are fortunate, Autumn shall come to us all. Best to embrace that truth and its own particular beauty 🙂

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