Wild Ride — A Dream

Nimbly, eagerly, the little car leaps forward when I depress the accelerator. I had forgotten how well this car suits me, how comfortable I feel in it and how it seems to respond to my very thought. Exiting the business complex’s driveway, I dart onto the empty main road, zip through the red light, and perform a fleet and elaborate K-turn at the intersection’s far side. But my plan to save time, to take advantage of the ‘right turn on red’ rule, is for naught – the light has turned green by the time I have the car fully rotated. Gunning the engine, the car’s tires squeal, but stick to and grip the road, send me racing around the corner. From the corner of my eye, I glimpse a spectacularly enormous pine tree, its limbs themselves the size of tree trunks. Can’t stop, no time to spare…

Immediately, the road curves sharply right and disappears under a skin of water far deeper than I realize. The little car throws up liquid sheets as we plunge onward, but my fierce and exhilarating journey slows, halts. The car’s engine sputters, and the cabin begins rapidly to fill. Pushing against the external flood, I force the door open to exit and am instantly soaked to the hips. At this point, I realize I have a passenger. I instruct her to help me lift the car – spreading our arms and placing three fingers from each hand beneath the car’s jack points, we easily lift and glide it along the water’s frictionless surface.

Reaching the flood’s far side, we set the little car down by the curb. It gushes water – from cabin and trunk, engine and wheel wells, from all its seams and depressions. Its heads are wet, and there’s water in the fuel tank. Walking away, I leave it on the roadside in the sun to dry out. It will be some time before it runs again.

Honda Civic Si 1995.jpg

“Wild Ride” — C.Birde, 10/16

4 thoughts on “Wild Ride — A Dream

  1. The Buddhist’s raft (the one left behind once the river is crossed) comes to mind when I read this. The raft of course – is in overdrive. Your work is lovely Carrie, so glad to have found it this evening.

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    • Thank you so much for visiting, Chris, and for the Buddhist insight. 🙂 I will add that to the mix of my efforts to interpret this dream. From a Jungian perspective, the car is the Ego, and water often represents emotions and the subconscious. Certainly a lot to work with!

      Please visit again 🙂

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