Seeing Clearly — A Dream

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“Seeing Clearly” — C.Birde, 11/16


Sunlight pours through the second-story window. Pushing the sash up, I kneel before the window and fold my arms against the white-painted sill to peer outside. A slight breeze stirs, carries the perfume of summer fading toward crisp autumn. The scene is familiar – putty-colored sidewalks trundle alongside the grid of intersecting roads; neatly-tended lawns are bound, here and there, by gloss-leafed privet hedges; a scarlet stop sign pins down the corner. But, looking into the yard below, a surprise – a slim tree lifts its branches skyward where no tree has been before. Seemingly overnight, a straight-trunked dogwood has grown, or a cherry, perhaps. It is a glorious sight; more so for the peculiar fruit it bears. Depending from the tree’s arching branches, in an array of bright colors – scarlet, lemon-yellow, orange, cobalt blue, and hyacinth – sprout dozens of reading glasses.



8 thoughts on “Seeing Clearly — A Dream

  1. I really appreciate and enjoy how you integrate dreams into your writing (and life?). Dreams are another place we go. Environments, landscapes, incidents… experiences. They play strongly in my writing… and for that matter thinking. They are part of our texture. I’m not even really that interested in the symbolism or meaning, but simply the witnessing. We are always flowing, moving… Great writing Carrie.

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    • Thank you, Chris. For as long as I can remember, I have had vivid, sensory-rich dreams. I think our dreams are our personal mythology, full of specific symbology and our subconscious’ desire to digest, communicate, and, sometimes, entertain. Often, I try to tease some meaning out of a dream, but there are times — like “Outsized Rabbit” from about three months ago — when I just enjoy the story, like a child at bedtime. Thank you for your expressing your appreciation of what I share here — and for sharing your own thoughts, as well. 🙂

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  2. Thank you, Sanberdooboy. This was a curious dream — from a room with a “curious” view 🙂 The lovely, healthy tree’s sudden appearance, its leaves turning at Autumn’s touch, and then the whimsey of all those (recently necessary) reading glasses in candy-colored hues… A gentle reminder, I think, that there is still much fun to be had… 🙂

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  3. A three that sprouts colorful eyeglasses? A trip to the optometrist ahead?

    This was a brief but vivid dream, considering it stays in one place?

    I had a rather involved dream just this morning in which I was wandering a brown-brick maze of department store factions, buildings joined together by staircases and tunnels. I ran into some businessmen in woolen winter coats who were looking for Christmas pajama suits. I told them where to look. But, they didn’t like my answer. I know why; I wasn’t sure, myself. So, I ran off to find the suits, moving from building to building, until I met with some policemen and detectives who were looking for a number of crooks on their printouts. I never found the suits nor my way back to the men. And, I worried one of the criminal photos was of me.


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