2 thoughts on “Phases — A Poem

  1. wonderfully creative to see the crescent moon as twin-horned, then as a (flirtatious!) smile and finally as an emblem of the span of a woman’s life. the last three lines are powerful. (sometimes declarative sentences can be so effective!) even though men have walked on the moon, your poem shows that women have the strongest claim to it.

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    • Again, I can only thank you. I know that the full moon captures more attention, but I have always found the crescent moon particularly lovely. While recently observing the crescent moon’s nightly progress, I had been thinking about the phrase “horns of a dilemma”, and how we all, in a sense, wear those horns of our own making. As you clearly saw, in this case, that of the aging process. With a little perspective, such self-made dilemmas are meaningless in the grand scheme of things. And might even contain their own aspects of loveliness. 🙂

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