Solstice — A Poem


“Starlit Dark” — C.Birde, 12/16

Is it sweetest as

it fades?

When the dark,


nips at its heels

and seals

our eyelids,

stills our tongues?

The balance slips.

Night swallows,


a groping hand.

Curl and kneel

in tumbled dark,

humbled beneath

the weight

of bright memory,

the long, dark, starlit

night a stole

about bowed shoulders.

Breathe and wait.

Be Patient.


the Light



— C.Birde, 12/16


2 thoughts on “Solstice — A Poem

  1. the poem begins with an innocuous question but the tone quickly becomes dramatic, terrifying. the image of sealing eyelids is especially strong.”Breathe and wait” sounds like good advice from someone who has been through the dark terrors before.

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  2. Thank you, Michael 🙂 I did not really intend this poem to sound menacing, but rereading it after receiving your feedback and perspective, I hear the words ring with a different tone! It is always curious, isn’t it, how we arrange and digest our own words and those of others. Language is truly mobile, versatile, and ultimately very personal. I always appreciate hearing from you 🙂

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