6 thoughts on “Four Sisters at Solstice — An Image

  1. Thank you, again…yes, we need to spread light — not ignore pain and suffering, but to spread healing light and nurturing. Must art precede science, or does it just seem so? Scientists have recently proven that electrons in a stream rearrange their behavior based on whether or not they are observed — a line when observed, disordered when not. Yet, T.S.Eliot wrote, years earlier “…a rose had the look of a rose that had been looked at…” We magnify, intensify, grow what we give our attention to. Which seems to make it imperative that we search out beauty, kindness, nature, compassion wherever and whenever we may. 🙂 (Forgive me my moment of intense wordiness!)

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    • the information on the electrons amazes me, partly because of the implications. i hadn’t seen the Eliot quote. it also provides an important insight, as you have noted. the idea that we, therefore, need to search out “kindness, nature, compassion” sounds like wisdom to me, something that i need to keep in mind. again, thank you!

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