Chroma — A Poem


Dandelion, pre-wish.jpg

“Dandelion — Pre-Wish” — C.Birde, 4/17


Spears of forsythia throwing light,

Daffodils’ heraldic shout.

Canaries and warblers

and precious metal finches —

melodic color caught in song.

Bellies and fevers,

jaundice and joy.

Color of yield signs, double lines,

#2 pencils and school buses;

of taxis and Playbills,

raincoats and wellingtons.

Bright topaz and citrine and

slow-trapping amber.

Too-short hectic flash

of sulphurs and swallowtails.

Industrious bees, pollen, and honey.

Primary – and companion –

color of Spring.

Color of teapots and lemons,

beaten eggs, butter, and cake.

Color of zinc paint,

slope-shouldered haystacks,

of sunflowers

and skewwhiff bedrooms.

Bold, pouring sunshine

and pre-wish dandelions.

Dilute color of stars and moons

and soft candlelight;

of delight and wonder.



— C.Birde, 4/17

2 thoughts on “Chroma — A Poem

  1. Love this. Oh and Carrie, I’m thinking…How nice it would be to see all of this printed on paper one day for the people who love books and that they could find yours in a store! I hope you have all your written words numbered and safely stored! (&! That also counts for the illustration parts you show here!) One day…one day 😉

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