Pocket Sanctuary — An Image

Garden Arch 2.jpg

“Garden Arch” — C.Birde, 5/17


Duck the twining honeysuckle,

dripping with recent rain,

enter through the open gate

on two legs, four, or six,

on wings;

Let hearts be softened,

fears soothed,

hurts healed;

Leave all anger

and hardness behind

this pocket sanctuary,

to be swept away,



— C.Birde, 5/17







5 thoughts on “Pocket Sanctuary — An Image

  1. I would love to walk through this garden arch right now, sit and sip tea, take in the air, the quiet, the bird song, and just be at one, with my one and only true friend 💚

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    • There is always a place for you here — after days and days of lovely rain, the garden is dripping and green, and the sky has turned blue with beautiful piles of white clouds, the breeze is gentle. I can forget — for a moment — all the suffering in the world. I wish I could extend that to everyone. 💗


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