Seasonal Truths — A Poem



“Reaching” — C.Birde, 6/17


She flits

among the underbrush,

shadow clad in shadow.

He sings

in liquid, honeysuckled

light and borrowed notes,

songs un-repetitive,


A stroke of shadow,

she huddles

atop a nest of sticks and

grass and ribbons built,

like his song,

in careful,

r a n d o m



blue jay,


awkward young starling,

he repels

any who come too near.

My name,

tucked beneath

their wings,

in their

throats and call —

I answer.


— C.Birde, 6/17



“O.C.” — C.Birde, 6/17

5 thoughts on “Seasonal Truths — A Poem

  1. P.s. I have two fam. Blackbirds here. They wait for me in the morning as I put dried raisons in water the night before and give it to them the next day. They have a Tiny pool to. The reward is the best; when they sing their songs

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    • To have such a connection with wildlife — particularly in the form of a bird — is a wonder ❤ Our Gray Catbirds, like your Blackbirds, enjoy raisins, also 🙂 I feel privileged that O.C. has been returning to our small yard for the past ten years or so. I am always in a state of nervous anticipation in April, wondering if he'll come back again "this" year, and I am always filled with relief when he does. This is the first time he and his mate have actually nested in our yard — usually, we are the "all-day diner" 😉 In many mythologies and ancient pan-theistic religions, birds are the messengers of the gods, occupying the space between Earth and Heaven…If only we would all tune our ears more carefully! Good fortune to you and your Blackbirds. ❤

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