Schrodinger’s Cat-erpillar


“Eastern Tiger Swallowtail” — C.Birde, 9/17



wrought of

hardened protein

and spun silk,

it exists

in two states,

twice –

alive and dead;

caterpillar and



a truth entire.


the chrysalis splits

and butterfly


Or does not.

Spun silk heart,

not yet hardened,

snug between ribs,

beating in

two states –

Hope and



— C.Birde, 9/17

2 thoughts on “Schrodinger’s Cat-erpillar

    • Thank you kindly, Anne 🙂 I have been waiting…as patiently as I am able…for the caterpillar to make its debut as butterfly. It has been 20 days, thus far (apparently, Eastern Tiger Swallowtails can take their time!) And it struck me — that I was observing an echo of the “Schrodinger’s cat” thought exercise without the need (thank goodness) of radioactive material! The natural world can be our best teacher. As the words came to me, I realized I wrote, also, of my own desire for positive change, how much work is involved, and how impatient I can be… ❤


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