Mistaken Identity — A Dream

“Light” — C.Birde, 11/17


No. I don’t know any one by that name.

Yes, I’m certain.

Who said that…?

…but I don’t know any Raul…

He said what?


Well, that’s embarrassing…

Sure, fine, I guess it’s flattering…a little.

But any way, you must have misheard…

Then he means someone else.

I’m already married.

Fine, fine. I’ll follow you, but only around the corner.

No. This is far enough.

Yes, I can hear him.

Good grief…who talks like that? Is he reciting sonnets?

Rhapsodizing? You’re being dramatic…

No, this is close enough.

He can see me just fine… from his pillar…above the crowd…

God. Look at him…

Listen to him…




No, of course not.

I was not.

That’s ridiculous.

Besides, he doesn’t even recognize me.

I’m not the one he’s talking about.

I’m not the one he means.

I’m not the one.

I told you.




— C.Birde, 11/18

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