Crows — A Poem


“Norway Spruce” — C.Birde, 1/19



when we stood beneath

the great spruce,

faces tilted upward,

hands lifted to catch

their rough laughter

as it fell –

heavy as pinecones,

bright as crescents of

moonlight –

from those vast,

outstretched limbs?

Six years gone,

the tree cradles silence;

the absence echoes


We wait below;





— C.Birde, 1/19



6 thoughts on “Crows — A Poem

    • Again, thank you — I miss “our” crows…I used to feed them, and they had become so accustomed to me over the years, that I could garden in our small yard and they would stalk about the grass 50 yards away. Then, they simply, suddenly abandoned the great Norway Spruce between our yard and our neighbors. I have no idea why…!

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      • You are welcome. Thanks for sharing that story. I think. Crows tend to be very territorial so it’s odd they would simply abandon a place.

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