Written in Pink — A Dream

Pink Book.jpg

“Written in Pink” — C.Birde, 1/19


A slight volume, not much larger than a deck of cards. Bound in soft, cotton-candy pink leather. Each page is of hand-made paper – thick and sturdy and flecked with pulp and petals. Binding stitched with waxed ivory thread. Corners cut into soft curves.

Gently. Open it. Cradle it within spread palms.

It lacks frontispiece, introduction,  dedication. The book simply begins. Words — hand-written in pink ink — slant neatly across creamy pages, list the castle’s physical attributes in height, width, material. Page one reads:

“Lexington Arch”

“Center Gate”

“Lincoln Arch”

Thumb through the book. Glance at hand-inked illustrations, architectural drawings. So unique, so specific, so intimate. Precious. A singularly beautiful creation.

How could it have survived the unimaginative publishing process? Who was its champion?


— C.Birde, 1/19


2 thoughts on “Written in Pink — A Dream

  1. Oh I love this, I really should pay attention more and make notes, not just mental notes but putting it down on paper, places I’ve visited, beautiful buildings I’ve seen, so that one day someone can do just as you have written 💜

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