Seams — A Dream


“Seams” — C.Birde, 3/19


Did you see?

Did anyone see?

It seemed

she was there

an instant ago…

Across the street…

A woman.

Clad in dark wool coat

and dress

and beret…

It seemed

she stood, just there –

on the sidewalk…

where the driveway’s apron

spills into the street…

It seemed

she paused…

For just a moment…

To look at me.

Our eyes met.

It seemed

she hesitated –

black shoes

a stark and shiny contrast

to pale-stockinged legs…

It seemed

she waited…

feet planted

on the sidewalk’s network of

seams and

cracks and

broken cement…



it seemed

she vanished…



slurped down

into the earth

through spider-webbed cracks,

her black-gloved right hand –

fingers splayed wide –

the last of her

to claw

to flash

to pass

into that’s seam’s

impossible hollow.

In that one impossible


Did you not see?

Did no one else


It seems



— C.Birde, 3/13




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