Flame & Thunderheads — A Dream


“Sequins” — C.Birde, 4/19



“You’ll evoke Andromeda.”

She stands

on the threshold –

neither in nor

out –

and speaks

with warning,




with the tossing sea

at her back

and in her eyes.


clad in the blue

of a glacier’s heart.

Her opinion

should not


yet her words –

her judgment –

wriggle and wrest

their way


I look

at the dress –

tiers of fringe and

beads and

sequins winking

with promise;

the color of a sunset


set alongside

shoes and scarf

of pewter;


on the white bedspread

like thunderheads

and flame.

And I think –

with a silent, secret

ache –

that evoking


might be

just the



— C.Birde, 4/19


4 thoughts on “Flame & Thunderheads — A Dream

  1. Perseus woke, hearing some voice. ‘Seems to be from outside’ he thought, then he went out. There was nothing, except one star: It was a brighter than he ever could saw and whiter than snow which ever was falling. He wasn’t really sure, that was a dream, or maybe destiny

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  2. Andromeda — daughter of vain Cassiopeia, sacrificed to the Kraken, rescued by Perseus, betrothed to her Uncle Phineaus and rescued here again by Perseus…! A dubious destiny, indeed 🙂


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