Avian Noir — A Dream


“Avian Noir” — C.Birde, 10/19



Yes, I saw.

I witnessed

the whole sordid affair.

Long hours

he must have waited

there with all the patience

of saints and thieves,

and when, at last,

identified his mark,

he burst from crisp green

turning shadow


toward her

and –

with the clever curve

of yellow blades and

piercing efficiency –

gripped her about

the throat,

cradled her —

almost tenderly —

within his grasp, and

swept her


across the street.

The gathered crowd –

those self-appointed


feathered blue and

white and black –

screamed alarm

Too late

too late!

(Ask them why

they hesitated!)


She was gone.

Carried off


Her dove-gray

breast pierced through,

her head –

unsupported –

lolling from

her slender neck.

Yes, I saw.

I saw it



— C.Birde, 10/19

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