Interruption — A Dream

Interruption collage.png

“Interruption” — C.Birde, 12/19


Blue. White. Green.

Sky and clouds.

Rolling hills and lawn and trees.

These three brilliant, dazzling colors

dominate, as far as the eye can see.

To the right,

stroked between heaven and earth,

a long, low white house, modern and

featureless but for horizontal slabs

of black reflective glass

stretched like unspooled, undeveloped

film along the length of its recumbent


From this structure’s back protrudes –

like the sweep of eyelet bridal train –

a semicircular deck of wood,

white, as well, but of a faded, ashen shade,

its brilliance muted, bleached


And she, me, I.

The interruption.

Standing amidst this color scheme –

serene blue and white and green;

in striped, knee-high socks of every hue –

purple, pink, pale-yellow, orange, and


one hand holds a bar of soap –


lavender-paper wrapped,

lavender, in both tint and tinge.

Standing there,

breeze gently lifting the hair

from our shoulders as we break the bar

in two and slip a brittling half into each sock’s

pulled-high, ribbed, fine-woolen


I, me, she –

the lone bright-colored slash of verticality

in the entire placid,





— C.Birde



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