And Yet… — A Poem


“Chimes” — C.Birde, 4/20


And yet,

and yet…

in spite of all,

of everything…


The world outside —



wakening in bud

and bloom,

in slow greening.



with birdsong;


in glorious yellows,

in floral


All the world,

a gift,

taking time

to breathe,





— C.Birde, 4/20



2 thoughts on “And Yet… — A Poem

  1. This is such a beautiful picture of nature at its best, while all this is going on, nature is has no idea what is going on and I’m so glad that it continues to thrive and allow us to take in its beauty and make us appreciate it just that little bit more than we already did. For some of us it’s normal but I hope it will open people’s eyes and make them think how much more there is to life these days 💗 thank you for sharing it made my heart sing 💖

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    • Thank you, Jackie. I write as much to comfort myself as others, so the fact that this lifted your spirits is a gift to me. So many speak of the desire, once all this grief has past, to a return to “normal”… My wish is that we might collectively re-imagine and re-write “normal” to a gentler and more caring inclusivity for all — including Nature, on which we so utterly depend. ❤


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