Just Desserts — A Dream

A close-up of a woman's lavender-violet hair.
“Violet” — C.Birde, 1/21

The gray remains



Bleak winter sky,

drained of color,

extends its influence


Except for her —

Take my hand

See there, ahead?

Her once-dark-hair

now silvered violet?

Watch her cross

the intersection, see?

Pause here with me

The light,

so slow to change…!

Impatient, we cross

& follow where she leads

up streets unpeopled –

empty, too, of traffic –

her lead by swift steps

increasing until,

down an alleyway she slips

& vanishes completely.

But wait….

This shop unknown…

& there,

beyond plate glass see

her hair?

Sleek lavender strands

a-gleam through laden

wire shelves?

Shelves replete with sweets

of every kind

in Prismacolor hues –

cakes & cookies, pies,


pink & green, fuchsia, blue.

Each sweet with care


& oh so beautiful.

Yes, of course

Take your time


Look before you choose.

But here,

this single slice of cake –

frosted white,

layers bright cerulean blue –

is mine.

— C.Birde, 1/21

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