Looking Backward — A Dream

A cluster of brilliant orange orchids, hanging from overhead.
“Orchid” — C.Birde, 2/21

Solitary passenger

in the way, way back

of this long green

station wagon

Tailgate gaping

Sweet tabby cat

(alternating gray

& tea-with-cream)

for company

Far up front –

with select passengers –

the vehicle’s pilot

guides it backwards

along a curving road

as, to the left,

the great, gray sea

falls down, away,

& to the right

& overhead twists

a jungle-y clamor

of green


Amongst those vines

& great broad leaves,

the Good Lord Bird!

And more –





slipping sturdy beaks

into vibrant blooms

& sipping



Calling out their names

& pointing

But to whom?

For they,

so far up front,

so far away,

can’t see.

— C.Birde, 2/21

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