Assignment, Cake — A Dream

At atmospheric photo of leafless trees at night crowding around a pool of yellow light.
“Atmosphere” — C.Birde, 3/21

Sent out

away from this

bright impersonal


with all its

glittering crosstalk

& hectic motion…

Cast out…

into umbrous night

& with an errand tasked:

return with cake


heaved & crack’d & bound

around in encroaching,

tangled trees that bow

& rub together limbs

all but leafless…


at the farthest end –

near swallowed up

in starless scrub –

a structure

O, architectural wonder!

Entirely comprised

of swoops

     & swirls

          & curves

of hammered metal

sheets symmetrically

arranged to either side

of a single, central



above this fabulous

entry’s lintel –

nested amidst curls &

intersecting twines

of metal –

an enormous lemon,

all aglow in halo

of soft yellow



the only light to move

or chase throughout

the whole benighted




anywhere at all,

a single frosted piece

of cake

in sight.

— C.Birde, 3/21

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