Rabbit Blessed — A Poem

An artfully altered photo of a rabbit nibbling grass.
“Rabbit” — C.Birde, 10/21

Forgive the intrusion;

this chance encounter,

such great, good fortune…

Dark eyes stare, fixedly, unblinking.

Legends say your Ancestor

fought the Sun, demanded

decreased heat & light, & won

Long ears twitch & hinge & pivot.

That four spots on your cinnamon fur –

on each hind leg, behind each ear –

mark that ancient victory…

Rear leg stretches, scuffs base of ear.

Myth says, too, you are companion

to the Moon, your likeness pressed

upon her, silver-gray…

Whiskers flick, nostrils flare.

Well suited, as you may need,

to contraction or release,

is your sleek musculature & economy of form…

Wide yawn precedes a full-length sprawl

beneath the bronze-green hedge.

Mischief contradiction of creativity,

you hide in plain sight, unseen,

a duality of self, at ease…

Folds front paws, rests chin;

eyes close.

The dish in hand slopes water;

place it, eddying, on shorn grass.

The moment of connection,

of trust & recognition

slips past.

Bid farewell.

Depart –


content, &


— C.Birde, 10/21

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