Affirmation — An Image

An artfully altered photo of a Sweetgum tree, whose leaves have turned yellow and orange, against a blue sky.
“Sweetgum” — C.Birde, 11/21

“I shall wrap myself

in Autumn blue,

stitched all through

with gold,”

— her affirmation glittered,

scattered light

as she spoke —

“& inhale

the pale pink fragrance

of the season’s

final, faded


— C.Birde, 11/21

One thought on “Affirmation — An Image

  1. Again with the blue sky. 😛 All the leaves turned golden? Just the mention of pink roses reminds me of my misfortune with growing some. So, I cannot associate roses with the start or end of autumn. [Nor can I smell them.]

    But, I like the image of wrapping yourself in an autumn blanket. I see it covered in a rainbow of leaves and rustling ever so gently as you tug it over your shoulders and waltz along some forest trail. Half-rotten acorns and small branches crunch beneath the heels of knee-high boots. And, a rare squirrel chatters overhead, curious to see who dares to pass so close to her home.


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