North Star — A Dream

An artfully altered photo of a quick, loose sketch of a line-drawn star encased in rainbow hues.
“North Star” — C.Birde,1/22

On smooth blacktop

before the barricade,

he waits –

I, beside him –

as the clerk

(severe in appearance

& attitude)

returns again…

Third trip to & from

the store,

he attempts, now,

to bend influence

toward the piece

he has selected

& presents.


Enough of this.

We leave together.

For I possess not one,

but two North Stars –

the first resides

in my right ear;

the other rests


on green velvet,

in a small chest of wood.

“You, my love,” I say,

& guide him through

the empty lot,


“will have the second.”

— C.Birde, 1/22

5 thoughts on “North Star — A Dream

  1. I got nothing. This is a bit odd. The star is in your ear…an earring or a hearing aid on fire? The other is sitting on a cloth in a box. And, some sort of shopkeeper just glares at you and your husband as you take stuff from his store. This might be a renewal of marital vows dream. Something that is prodding a reconciliation of a recent conflict.

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