Boa of Light — A Dream

An artful altered photo of  a journal page with a line drawing of a seahorse...
“Boa of Light” — C.Birde, 2/22

From above,

a boa of light descends

to encircle her neck

& drape her left shoulder –

l o o s e l y


within this buoyant

tumble of golden light,

innumerable seahorses –

bobbing, swimming –

necks tucked inward,

tails curling, uncurling,

dorsal & pectoral fins

fanning air & propelling

delicate-ridged bodies

back upstream

to the light’s source

Amidst this,

she sits, smiling,


in the seahorses’

gyre & shimmer,


in the radiance

of her own








— C.Birde, 2/22

One thought on “Boa of Light — A Dream

  1. Sooo, the seahorses are ills leaving your body? Or, the seahorses are visiting spirits offering reassurance in a heavenly embrace? [Or, the seahorses are the spirit animal of a deceased friend/family member who is paying a special visit?]


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