5 thoughts on “Blue Jay — A Poem

  1. We have black headed jays here in the lower himalayas. I once read a description of the bird and recognised it from the words, without ever having seen a picture.

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  2. I’ve never seen or heard of a Black-headed Jay before! When I was very young, I would sit with an over-large book, bound in turquoise linen and stamped in gold “Birds of North America”, leafing through the beautifully illustrated pictures of birds and their descriptions. To this day, I can know a bird without ever having seen it in person before, because of that book. Birds occupy the space between the heavens and earth, as the messengers of the gods 💙

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    • This Reminds me of the Maroon Oriole pair I saw lying next to a steam at the base of a mountain. They were soaring like mysterious shadows from tree to tree, hidden somewhat in the foliage. I felt something similar..that they occupy a space between heaven and earth.

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