Scarlet — A Dream

An artfully altered photo of an exterior red door.
“Scarlet Door” — C.Birde, 3/22


three doors reside deep-

set in the flock-papered

wall –




each framed in carved

white painted wood.

Open –


the charcoal door…

descend a shaft

of cinderblocks &

open-tread stairs

where below –

thickly wreathed

in coiling smoke –

a rust-&-iron cauldron

of daunting girth

bubbles unattended,


     waiting to be stirred…

Back upstairs,

the green door waits…

creep down to find

a bright potting shed

where two cruel men

shift sharpened gazes

from a downcast girl

(she trowels dark earth

into cracked clay pots,

her denim overalls

streaked in the same);

in gleeful anticipation,

they seize upon their

new target with words

deriding & laughter

scraping up the stairway

(under the unseen

spider’s nest)…



& firmly close the door.

One remains,

one only –

a shining scarlet mystery

waiting in plain sight –




All potential wittingly


— C.Birde, 3/22

2 thoughts on “Scarlet — A Dream

  1. I looooove seeing wooden doors under the “bangs” of leafy plants. It’s almost like looking at a woman’s face framed with lovely well-maintained hair. There is a sort of mystery in a doorway that draws you in, like a woman’s eyes. The above image has been made sketchy…but I can imagine the photo that once was…a very spicy, enticing doorway into some posh apartment building…sort of reminds me of the movie Pretty Woman.


    • So…the first door presents a somewhat anticipated fright, a witch’s workshop unattended…could be a trap waiting to snap…but, for now, you’re safe to look. The second, a door painted with greed/mischief, leads to a dangerous and potentially gut-wrenching scene, scaring you back upstairs. And, before you dare to try the third, the most alarming of colors, you resist and wake, avoiding “strike three.”

      I guess this is a dream of caution, telling you to watch your next step. But, most likely, it will just file into the sub-conscious mind and activate on its own. You instinctively know to avoid something and will for your own wise sake. You’re ready for anything and know when to back out.


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